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About Us

Our professional team of experienced settlement coordinators drive the settlement process to create a VIP buyer experience and anticipate settlement risk. Our multicultural team is highly skilled at communicating with property buyers and providing the most positive experience towards settlements.

Who we are

Sierra PropertyCom is a brand of Sydney-based marketing and communications agency, Sierra Marketing. Since 2007, Sierra has been working closely with our clients to create inspiring and highly effective communication campaigns.

Since the Sydney property market shift in mid 2016, many property developers started looking for new ways to enhance their brand by providing the highest level of customer service and reducing settlement risk. Sierra PropertyCom grew organically from a market need and is now a leading property buyer engagement agency.

We differentiate ourselves as a company that treat our clients' businesses as our own!

Our Values


Our focus is to drive successful settlements for the developer while providing a premium customer service experience to buyers.


We provide communications programs from launch to post-settlement.


We build buyer’s trust and confidence in the developer to encourage repeat



We assist developers as a dedicated settlements manager or by using our services individually as an extension of your team.


Our programs are fully customised based on the developers’ specific needs and requirements.

Our Management Team

Need help with your settlements? Contact us today!

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