Our Services

We help property developers with their marketing and communications to provide the best buyer experience that will drive property settlements, repeat purchases and referrals.

Settlement Management

Reduce and mitigate settlement risk for property developers while providing the best buyer experience

– Project Settlement CRM

– Settlements Project Management

– Inbound & Outbound Purchaser Communications 

– Digital Communications 

– Reporting

– Finance Management 

– Managing Settlement Risk 

– Valuations Management 

– Information Day Management 

– Pre-Settlement Inspections

– Defects Inspections & Management

– Settlement Advice and Consultation 

– Problem Solving - Troubleshooting the unexpected 

– Creative Design 

– Referral Partners

– Enhanced and Integrated Online Systems 

– Ad hoc services & more

Buyer Engagement

Encourage new purchases from previous buyers and provide the best buyer experience

 Buyer Engagement Programs

 Prospect Engagement Programs

 Content Development

 Outbound Telemarketing

 Inbound Customer Service

 Creative Design

 Qualified Lead Generation

 VIP / Members Only / Buyers Clubs

 Events Management  

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