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Pre-Settlement Inspection - OMNIA

Pre-settlement inspections are an important step in each purchaser’s process. Therefore, it’s important to make these as memorable as possible due to it being a special time for buyers.

Over the course of three days, the 18th to 20th October, we held an event for Omnia's pre-settlement inspections, allowing buyers to explore the site. Having a dedicated event for inspections makes the process faster, allowing inspections to be completed in a shorter period of time, and the number of rescheduling is limited. We had a supportive team on site, taking investors and owner-occupiers through their properties answering all queries and questions purchasers had.

Making Omnia’s pre settlement inspections more special, catering was provided. Utilising the buildings outstanding courtyard area, caterers at the event provided a variety of canapés and snacks for all in attendance.

We organised OMNIA’s pre-settlement inspection to be attended by suppliers. Utility companies, strata organisations, property managers and blind and furniture representatives were all in attendance allowing buyers to make further decisions on their properties, making it easier for purchasers to be fully ready for settlement.


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